5029In order of highest, the overall rank of a person, project or company’s PowerScore.
43.53A realtime measure of success that takes into account box office, profitability, Academy Awards, critics scores and People scores over time.
Metacritic Score
17The average score of a film given by critics nationwide as compiled by Metacritic.com.
Staying Alive
Total Box Office
Estimated Budget
Theater Count
1747The number of theaters at its widest release.
US Release Date
Jul 15 1983


Name Credit Power Score Power Rank
Director 87.99 203


Name Credit Power Score Power Rank
Writer 87.99 203
Writer 50.47 2,637
Writer (Source Material) 1.82 22,406


Name Credit Power Score Power Rank
Producer 87.99 203


Name Credit Power Score Power Rank
Actor (Lead) 78.47 641
Actress (Jackie) 8.49 13,183
Actress (Mrs. Manero) 7.60 14,260
Actor 0.77 25,682
Actress (Laura) 0.77 25,683
Actor (Mark) 0.77 25,684
Actress (Fatima) 0.77 25,685
Actor (Derelict) 0.77 25,686
Actor (Sound Technician) 0.77 25,687
Actor (Jesse) 0.77 25,688

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